Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gord Sellar is busy!

Sellar is an online acquaintance and a bit of a role model for me.  He recently had his story The Bernoulli War published in Asimov;s Science Fiction and has signed a contract for a Korean translation of his short stories in a single book.

He is similar to many authors I have featured on this blog who describes his work as, well, real work.  I don not have the link handy but I impressed by the detail he went into in revisions to his work before offering it to publishers.

This is another busy summer for him as he works on several projects and also asks for your help in funding the Clarion Workshop.

I'll be working on a couple of short stories and film scripts and starting a novel project. Those are vague goals, but more specifically:
- I'll complete two short film scripts, or one feature-length film script.
- I'll send at least two new stories out to market, and revise one existing story and send it out.
- I'll begin drafting a novel, with the synopsis/outline first, and then the text itself.

Whoever makes the biggest donation will earn the right to choose the name of a character in one of the short stories I write during the write-a-thon. I’ll contact you and let you know!
His sponsorship page.

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