Friday, December 21, 2012

Elephant hangers

I am sorta proud of these wooden elephants (click to enlarge if you don't see any elephants).

Well, I am very proud of the idea and also of my attempt to work in some mass production.  I drew and cut the basic shape while in Canada four or so years ago.  I cut the notch that fits around the door and much of the trunk's shape.  Back in Korea, after letting them sit for years, I am now adding some detail and smoothing the wood somewhat.

And that is where I am less proud.  The idea work and even the scrollsaw work turned out well.  My wood carving has not been such a success.  Still, the shape is entirely recognizable and the edges sanded nicely.

Yeah, I am satisfied with my work.

Another reason I am posting this picture is that I am giving two away on Monday and I wanted the recipients to see what the elephant is actually meant to do.
And, uh, if Kirkland wants to send some money over for the product placement, no problem!
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