Monday, March 25, 2013

TWIC (11)

Why waste a skyscraper by placing it in a city?  The evolo 2013 skyscraper competition has yielded some great great entries. The polar umbrella looks cool and may actually work ...someday.

Jeez, don't even think of mousetraps!
 the Grand Challenges in Global Health Initiative, with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, put out a call for a better designed, more pleasure-inducing condom. The challenge is to make an experience-enhancing condom that will make men and women go weak in their desire to have protected sex! For the good of humankind!
The Gates foundation wants you to build a better condom.
At least these people are writing.
Salon looks at 9 fan-fic stories based on Game of Thrones.  Their picks can be found at the link.  All 608 (currently) can be found here.


And with this post, I formally give up posting news about other people's work and research.  Expect a lot fewer posts here.  I will still post when I feel I do something particularly creative- current projects include April Fool's Day, an Easter Egg Hunt for my son and a hopefully scathing review of a creationist book a friend has driven me to read.  Remember, I am a creative-ist, not a creationist!  Anyway, my own personal creative production has not markedly increased while working on this blog so I need to find other ways to grow.  I still want to be creative; perhaps now I will be creative rather than merely think about it.

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