Friday, February 14, 2014

TWIC -Happy Valetine's Day

The contracts offered by English language publishers suck.
... People need to be reminded so that they can take care themselves. Unless you are aware of how prevalent crap contracts are in the industry, you wouldn’t understand the importance of following the advice implicit in Don’s tweet (don’t sign a bad publishing contract). Every time an author gripes online about a contract another author is reminded to always go over their contracts with a ruler and an anal attitude.
If we ask them all to shut up because we perceive their complaints to be attacks on traditional publishing then we are only making the situation worse for everybody.
And I mean everybody. Every time a publisher screws another author they are doing their industry a disservice.
The single biggest step publishers could take towards taking the wind out of self-publishing’s sail would be to standardise, publicly, on fairer contracts.
So you probably should self-publish.
Hugh Howey, author of the bestselling, indie-original science fiction series Wool, has published an eye-popping, and important data-rich report on independent author earnings from ebooks sold on Amazon. Howey makes a good case that the "average" author earns more from a self published book than she would through one of the Big Five publishers, and, what's more, that this holds true for all sorts of outliers (the richest indie authors outperform the richest Big Five authors; less-prolific indies do better than less-prolific traditionals, etc).
Read more at the above link to hear Doctorow's thoughts on amazon's monopoly on self-publishing and how that may come to bite us all on the ass.

Wil Wheaton talks about jogging to, uh, jog his creativity and also about Doctorow.  His post is too short for me to excerpt enough to entice you to see the whole thing, so you have to go there to see anything!

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