Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wheaton gets some ideas from Internet Archive, Snider get some of his in the Midwest.

Grant Snider shares his sketch book and discusses where he gets his ideas.
The text is barely legible. The drawings are often incomprehensible to anyone but myself. The rhymes are way too obvious (though this probably won’t change before the final published comic).
When I jot ideas in my sketchbook, what’s important is speed. I want to put an idea on paper before I have time to second guess it. Layout, proportions, drawing above a third-grade level - there will be many more hours to address these problems. 

Wil Wheaton shares in his joy at the vast array of material available at the Internet Archive that can be manipulated into new forms.  One thing that made me pause; after all his manipulations, does it really matter what the source material was?  He took some 1920's music and slowed it way down - from a few minutes to nearly an hour - I don't think I would have a clue what the source was after that.  Still, he is correct that there is a lot of inspiration and material to work with.

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