Wednesday, January 7, 2015

amazing what 13 hours a day of writing will produce, or not.

Kazuo Ishiguro wrote Remains of the Day in four weeks.  I didn't know Nanowrimo was active in 1990.

It's amazing what crap writing will produce.  This is not a description of my blog but rather a question at Quora: "How would you deal with a writer friend who isn't a good writer?"  Sonnet Fitzgerald offers good advice but I am probably too tactless to use it properly:
I have chosen to make a point to compliment them on the amount of effort I know writing a book takes. "Wow, it must have taken you a ton of work to get that put together!" "I didn't know you were a writer, so few people actually have the stamina to see a book through to this stage." "You wrote this while working 60 hours a week? That's amazing!"
It's not lying, it's just... deflecting.
Daily routines of creative people.  Want to know what those colours mean?  Look here.

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