Thursday, February 18, 2016

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My son told me a few months ago that he wanted to be a BJ.  I eventually learned he meant a 'Broadcast Jockey'; which I think is a Koreanization of Broadcaster  and Disk Jockey or the like.
Kids these days.
And sub-cultures.
Many groups have their own secret language or 'anti-language', one deliberately prepared to confuse those on the outside.
From London to Timbuktu, there is a teeming underworld of rebellious “anti-societies” who speak a mercurial, ever-changing code. Their words are, quite literally, gobbledygook designed to confuse authority.
The concept of an anti-language throws light on many of the vibrant slangs at the edges of society, from Cockney rhyming slang and Victorian “Gobbledygook” to the “Mobspeak” of the Mafia and “Boobslang” found uniquely in New Zealand prisons. The breadth and range of the terms can be astonishing; a lexicography of Boobslang reaches more than 200 pages, with 3,000 entries covering many areas of life. To be “under the thumb” is to be in love, a “double yoker” is an idiot, a “cue ball” is a skinhead and a “goodnight kiss” is a knockout punch. Outside of prison, each type of crime will have its own specialised vocabulary. A 1980s survey of American confidence tricksters, for instance, found a variety of colourful names for their intended victims – they are an “apple”, an “egg”, a “fink”, or, most innocuously sounding, “Mr Bates”.

"I didn't get rich by writing a lot of checks"
Via Frinkiac.
The Huffington Post is a for-profit news organization that is proud that it doesn't pay its bloggers.* Chuck Wendig and John Scalzi are, quite reasonably, upset.
Paint as if you weren't getting paid for it.
CBC Books has a 'premise generator' on their site. Ah, that link is to CBC Books, but the generator is here.

At the CBC Books site, there is a link to submit your own premise for a story.
A style guide for telegrams.
Need some drums in the background? This site can help.

*I write for free, but I , uh write well for money.  Wait, I want to change that.  My blog is a gathering place for my thoughts and, for want of a better term, research.  I hope the writing is of acceptable quality but I consider my blog to be a place to learn, for me and for my reader(s).  I work for free but I am not working for someone else to make money.

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