Sunday, February 21, 2016

TWIC: Sleep, read, donate, build, dig, learn, understand, archive

I'm hitting Boingboing pretty hard today:

Sleep in a Van Gogh painting in Chicago.

Donate to a workshop for young horror, fantasy or science fiction writers.
Read how Gibson wrote Neuromancer.
Build your own boardgame.
Junior Game Inventors Kit. The kit includes everything you need to start building a game: a pre-cut box, a blank folds-to-square game board, paper to cover box and board, nine pawns, a pair of standard dice, a 12-sided numbered die, 56 blank cards, and a bundle of play money. You can also purchase a la carte from a long list of goodies. I added a money tray, a set of ten chipboard blanks, and ten stands to the basic kit. They offer an Advanced Game Board Inventors Kit as well, with a mind-boggling array of pieces.
I enjoy requiring my students to make a boardgame for homework. I think they enjoy it, too.  For simplicity's sake, I usually just supply dice and square Post it Notes in a variety of colours.  I need to work on game pieces to move through the game.  Most student-made games start as variations of Snakes & Ladders and grow from there.

Dig through Europeana archive of videos, sounds, books, and artwork - millions of items to be found here. Via B'boing.

I will also note here that I have gone through my own archive and labelled my links to the many archives I've featured.
Learn how to write award-winning magazine articles.
Understand the appeal of the ampersand.

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