Sunday, May 22, 2016

Photos I'm proud of

I had a pretty good (film) camera and now have only the one on my phone.  Although it has its limitations -especially in poor light - I have always found the subject matter to be more important than the technology.

The two photos below show a walkway under a major bridge.  Some oldtimers use it to hang out and relax.  I love how much they have worked on the location. Sure, there are no stove or tables, but they have a painting on the wall.  What else could signal comfort so well?  The backscratcher is also a nice touch.

This black crowned night heron also came out well although it doesn't really tell a story the way I feel the above images do.

This photo is far more boring, I admit.  But I am amazed to see Koreans locking a bit of real estate in for a  hundred years.  If this picture tells a story it is either about the optimism of a sixty-odd year old country planning a hundred years ahead or of grand sounding pronouncements that won't be followed through on.

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