Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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I am currently a 'freelance' ESL instructor. What that means in reality is that I when I work, I get paid quite well per hour but I don't find (so far) many hours. Last week, I worked a lot. I also spent 10 hours in traffic (from two morning and two evenings of driving). I am not sure when the last TWIC was posted and I haven't kept track of new material to make this one. So, I am doing so now and I am not sure then this will be posted.  I should also post other stuff....Anyway, the good news for me is that if regular posting doesn't resume, it means I am working hard again. Indeed, this week, I have five days of work and some of those are very full days indeed.
13 places to publish student writing and art.
These publications are the real deal — online and print periodicals that showcase work by student artists and writers, some as young as age five. Many are run by a staff that is partly or completely made up of students. Each one is beautifully designed and features high-quality work. Some even pay. If you know a student who aspires to become a serious writer or artist, encourage them to take the next step and start working toward publication.
What Students Should Know Before Submitting
Familiarize yourself with the publication first. Although most periodicals like to publish a wide range of voices and talents, you’ll still find that each one has a “feel” to it, an overall sensibility that all of its pieces fit into. Because preparing and submitting work is time-consuming, you’ll want to give yourself the best shot at getting your work accepted by submitting things that would be a good fit.

This person on Quora wants to write. I think this episode of Prisoners of Gravity discusses that a writer needs to be driven to write, not merely think it cool. (end of part two of the video and beginning of part 3)
Monica Heilman on how to break Art Block. I have seen some of her work on her blog and I like it. Last year she participated in Nanowrimo with me and man,can she write! I, uh don't know how good it is, but fast! In twenty minutes I would have 400-500 words and she 900. Anyway, among other things,she says:
This is where my own biases come into play. My art tends to be very detailed and tightly-controlled. Loose, abstract art is the bane of my existence. Okay not really. I just really struggle creating it. So for me, it helps to try letting loose because it’s so opposite to what I’m usually doing.
By accident, I discovered that I really like doing art in the morning.

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