Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Creativity is the tool

On this blog, and in my life, I have worked to understand what creativity is and how to nurture it. And I’ve gotten this far:

Creativity is the tool
that allows you to
find the tool to
solve the problem.

I’ve followed recommended creativity enhancing procedures for plot challenges in my novels but not for specific concrete problems. Let me check my coggle.it account...Ah, two coggles used to plan class structure and material, eight for writing. And now, two new ones for the subject listed below.

So I was walking the dog today, a beautiful walk and longer than she normally gets and I could see how happy she was. I felt satisfied for making her this happy and decided I should this again. Then I thought about my son. He is happy enough. I mean, the life of a human is not as trouble free or as simple as the life of a well-loved dog so any comparison must be a cautious one.

How can I make my son as happy as I’ve made my dog?

I am disappointed that I don't have many branches for ideas for my son's happiness. I have long been a quantity time dad rather than a quality time dad. It is time to step up my dad-game.

These days I am semi-employed, working as a freelance English-as-a-Second-Language instructor. The work is similar to my university instructor experience but I now need a certain polish, a way to stand out.

I recently taught two multi-day intensive presentation skills courses for professional groups. I was hired by an agency so there were at least three brands at work. The company whose employees I was teaching, the agency that hired me and me.

The former two had clear logos and brands and their ppt slides were professionally made and standardized. My own were a hodgepodge. Most were from university and middle school classes I had taught on the subject. The information was acceptable and I did a satisfactory job of making sure the information or content fit the audience but the backgrounds were greatly varied. Nowhere was my name or contact information displayed. I didn’t need to do that with university students…

How can I make a good logo that i can use in a variety of situations?

Situations include: business card, PPT title slide, PPT & photo watermark, blog(s) logo,...

In researching this question, I learned a little about Fiverr and this one specific logo designer.

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