Thursday, October 25, 2018

13 days of Hallowe'en. Day 7, Jonathan Coulton

With only 13 days to manage, I have still managed to mess up my scheduled posts. There will be 13 posts, I, uh, hope. But we are going to have two today.

I know Coulton as a novelty song musician. Here is his Wikipedia page. He has at least one heartfelt song about how having a daughter has changed him and I like it. I mostly know him for the x-rated First of May and for his many horror-themed songs that fit this time of year.

Brett J Talley agrees and has JC included in his dyslexic version of my theme, 31 days of Hallowe'en. Ah, I might have independently chosen the same songs at BJT; he has three videos in his post as I do.

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