Saturday, October 23, 2010

My favorite day approaches

We are still working on the concept.  this 2 litre water bottle wrapped in paper and with toilet-paper-roll horns will become a carnotaurus...we hope.  We have made a green paper snout and head with teeth, but large portions will have to be redone.

The snout was going to be held on with straps and cover my son's mouth and nose, but I now like hanging it on the brim of a cap and having my son's face below.  That will be more practical for eating and talking, I think.  I wonder if we should go so far as to use face paint or makeup to help him match his costume.  incidentally, what is a good colour for a carnotaurus?  His toy is brown, but he liked green until he saw how much it resembled an alligator.

I figure this dinosaur will wear people-clothes, with appropriate lumps on the back - carnotaurus was a lumpy dinosaur.  This way, I need only make a head - already in progress, tail and perhaps hands and feet. I have reserved a few surplus coat hangers to be bent into whatever shapes are needed. I think I can anchor a tail on my son's belt... and run a strap between his legs?

I don't have experience working with fabric -or with paper, for that matter- but perhaps that would look better.  It would certain stand up to abuse better.

I think I could glue fabric to the water bottle but hadn't considered that for the paper ..hey, new idea!

It is hard to get too involved as Koreans don't really celebrate hallowe'en.  I will see if my co-workers with kids have hallowe'en plans and learn if there is a party somewhere.

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