Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My letter of intent

At the university, I was asked to give my employment intentions for 2011 this week.
Here is the request:

Your committee work record form and letter of intent are required for your 2010 evaluation. 
Thus, please submit them to the office by Monday, October 11 (6 o'clock)

1. Letter of intent (Re: renewing your contact)
- You can use your own wording (informal).

And here is my response, suitably redacted (click to bigify):

For the curious, my university has a policy of linking rookie teachers to veterans for assistance through the red tape.  They could probably cut the red tape and have less need of the buddy system, but deliberately giving a buddy to new teachers does make the place feel like they plan ahead.

Oh, and I don't actually know anyone who let their students out early, but the empty threat is a proud component of gossip, I believe.


Surprises Aplenty said...


It is with great resignation that i have chosen to re-sign at the end of this year.

( I love the tension and power given to the hyphen in resign/re-sign.)

Surprises Aplenty said...


as I walked to the university today, I saw an old man turn a corner ahead of me and a little boy turn the same corner toward me. This clearly was a sign for the beginning and ending of the year. Next, three maple leaves spun widdershins; I will return, I will return.