Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We're making games

I assist at an elementary school English program and had trouble connecting with the older students.  I offered a variety of projects to the students; making a movie or play, making games or PSA-style posters for the younger grades.  The choose games.  I will use the next class to offer some examples then allow them to make some decisions.

This post mostly consists of my notes and beginning research on the subject.

Here are my thoughts:

Rock-Paper-Scissors and building on that.  Image from here.
Sploder allows you to make your free games online.  Don't know much about it.
Wiki-how suggests ways to make your own board game and trading card game.  MIT Game Lab offers a 50 minute video on how to make a card game.
I offered a quick-and-dirty version of a Role-playing game:
The Cat Kingdom of Sam-hwan Apartment Complex

I lived in Sam-hwan Apartment Complex for a few years when my family moved to Busan and the map is from Daum - Korea's main Internet Portal - with some green and brown bushes added by me.  The half-formed idea is that cats must travel the complex looking for wild prey and garbage. Cuter cats get fewer stones thrown at them by humans while smelly cats have a different defense...  How to win or gain experience points wasn't decided.  Well, a lot wasn't decided but this was enough to wing a few rounds exclusively using a six-sided die.

A colleague has ideas for making board games as well.

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