Tuesday, June 23, 2015


It always seems so easy to make or design a logo for an event.  Recently at Creativiti Project, we offered a link to a video on how poorly designed city flags are.  Now, at ELT Rants, Reviews and Reflections, a friend of the blog author looks into TESOL conference logos. Ah, TESOL is an abbreviation of several forms of "Teaching English as a Second Language".

The open box logo for KOTESOL's International Conference was used as one (of several) example of 'the bad'.
I tend to look uncritically at such things but, once pointed out, I do wonder.  What does the box mean?  Are we outside the box or building one? Are the lines offering descriptions of each side?  The word 'Transition' - what does it mean?

I am speaking at the Jeju Regional KOTESOL Conference this Saturday.  I don't see a logo at the link.  Jeju KOTESOL does have a nice logo emphasizing the island and its tropical allure.  It has no obvious symbol of English or teaching.

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