Sunday, March 1, 2015

Another day, another poster, and Twitter Fiction Festival

At Google + and via Kevin Hodgson on Twitter, comes this poster of 40 ways to stay creative.

See the rest at the Google+ link.
Also Via Kevin is this blogpost on seven surprising things about creativity.
6. Creativity isn't finite. I remember using the term "creative juices" and imagining that creativity was this finite set of "stuff" inside of me that I had to save up so that my creativity didn't dry up. Now I realize that it's not like that at all. It's more like a muscle that either grows or atrophies. 7. Creativity isn't always fun. I had this picture of creative work as something that is always enjoyable. Go look up creativity on Google images and you'll see pictures of kids with finger paint and color objects popping out of your head. What they don't include are those agonizing moments when you want to give up and you are convinced your story sucks or your painting is ruined or that dish you are trying to make will turn out awful. We say "embrace failure" but in the moment those mistakes suck. They are gut-wrenching. Creative work encompasses a range of emotions and "fun" is just one of them.---
If you have an idea and are ready now, you might be able to take part in the Twitter Fiction Festival.
The festival takes place May 11-15 and:
March 2nd is the start of the open call for submissions. Check back to submit your ideas for a chance to be a featured participant.
According to Boingboing on the subject:
Entries can involve everything from parody accounts and poetry to Vines and crowdsourced fiction, just so long as they're tweeted. Check out last year's top entries for inspiration, and then get inventive. "We love fiction that uses Twitter functionality in the most creative way possible," reads the festival's website. "That means perhaps something more than just tweeting out a narrative line-by-line."
I browsed through last year's entries and found a narrative just tweeted out line-by-line but also an interesting story of people trapped in an airport during a snowstorm.  The author. Chris Arnold, apparently set up a variety of accounts and retweeted their reports to keep it a coherent story.

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