Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I need this to create.

Every few years, I get into podcasts.  During this current iteration of my listening, I am most enjoying Gore, Boars and Swords and We Have Concerns.  The latter one recently had an episode about a group of enthusiasts who long for the old, clicky IBM keyboards.
Well, the conversation of the two hosts started there, but went into people, and themselves specifically, that have superstitions and comfort zones when using equipment.
One speaker likes cheap notebooks because he was paralyzed with fear of writing something stupid in a $30 Moleskin notebook.

I myself enjoy using relatively cheap notebooks - mine come from a Korean private school and feature thick, strong cardboard covers and relatively thick paper.  I recently bought a set of disposable fountain pens.  My writing is still terrible but they are fun to use, glide super fast across paper and dry fast enough that my (left) hand doesn't smear the ink.

The episode, again, was about clicky keyboards and I really enjoy Ommwriter, which adds a clicky sound as you type.  I have long used Google Docs - now Drive - and preferred the old Wordpad to the newer versions.  Ommwriter is fullscreen and has almost no features aside from the clicky sounds and some white noise.  It is immersive and think I concentrate better when I use it.  I should say the Mac version of Ommwriter is better than the Windows version.

Ironically, when I get into a writing project, I sometimes want to listen to classical music -Janecek and Grieg normally -but actually like the discipline of sticking to Ommwriter only.

I have bought Scrivener and have started a few projects but so far it feels more fun to use than to create with if that makes any sense.
Download lots of art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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