Friday, March 20, 2015


While on a canoe trip in 2013, I was horrified to learn that I hadn't packed any cutlery.  I didn't need a fork because chopsticks are so easy to make but I did need a spoon and chose to make the spatula, well, just because I had the materials.  The photo of them below is foggy because I tipped my canoe early in the trip and my camera got wet... Really, it was a  pretty good trip and I do enjoy canoeing.  If you are interested in that trip, look here.  Here is the link to another spoon I worked on.

All that to introduce this post about a man serious about spoons.  Stian Korntved Ruud has been carving a spoon a day for, well, some time now.  He has thrown away the desire to make standard spoons and has been exploring, um, 'spoonness'.  I copied and pasted into Paint to display two of them and how one of them started.

via Boingboing.

Added a year and a half later: More from Ruud. Well, more pictures of his spoons.

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