Monday, December 21, 2015

Content for content's sake

I don't like it.

I hope to get back to writing -my novel that is- soon.  My fairly good excuse is that I'm taking a lot of (prescription) drugs right now.  I recently had an endoscope done - a tube and camera down my throat to check out my guts - as part of a routine health check up. That is, I didn't have stomach pain or the like that drove me to have the procedure done.  There were a few polyps but they are likely benign and the pathologist took some samples for testing.  Having caused bleeding, she gave me a prescription for ...stuff.  At the same time, my sinusitis is acting up and giving me vicious headaches.  When the two sets of meds kick in, I feel a little woolly.

Anyway, in this post, I will touch on one challenge of maintaining the public's eye, extending your fifteen minutes, keeping consumers aware, and staying relevant.

I think Ani Alexander provides good content and I follow her on Twitter.  I read her posts carefully enough to note that she recycles content.  So, the good news is that she is doing enough stuff right that I read her work.  The bad news is, she has recycled stuff so often that I am discussing that instead of her writing work. Her website.

I understand her plight.  At Tom Morkes said in the Writer 2.0 podcast, you need to start promoting your brand and content six months to a year before you publish a book.

But, as discussed on We Have Concerns
Songwriter and youtube song-a-day artist Jonathan Mann has a new video online advocating for abolishing the term "Content Creator" for people who release things on the web. His position is that the term diminishes things designed to be distributed on the online, making them disposable. As individuals who have been described as "content creators" themselves, Anthony and Jeff discuss what this semantic change might mean, and why the desire to make quality creative endeavors on the web can be challenging.
I'm linking a lot without saying a lot.  I'm sick.  Or at least, uncomfortable.  so what; I've got content for the day!

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