Friday, December 18, 2015

Remix and medicine

Word count
Thursday, Dec 17: 210
Friday, Dec 18: 0
I typed myself into a bit of corner yesterday and will either have to throw away some words or adjust the next part of the story.  I think I will stick with this turn of events because it occurred naturally and maybe the course I had plotted would be more artificial.
As for today, I had an endoscope and I don't feel like doing much of anything.  There was no special reason for the 'scope, I hadn't felt any unusual pain or anything.  In Korea, everyone my age gets an 'scope every other year.  We'll see what the results are in a week.
Boingboing, in two separate posts, looks at Star Wars without Star Wars -an examination of how movie influence each other.  Many SW (Episode IV) fight scenes resemble Kurosawa's work and other scenes seem to be more expensive remakes of older films.  And, many newer films use SW icons and settings.

I have (partially) written an steampunk story and a paranormal teen (no major romance theme) story and the latter was heavily influenced by Alexander Key's Witch Mountain and The Case of the Vanishing Boy books.  In the former, many secret societies in 1800's Europe are undergoing schisms and fragmenting into competing groups. This is a direct homage to Michael Flynn's In the Country of the Blind.  As Cory Doctorow quotes someone who quotes someone earlier, bad artists copy, great artists steal.

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