Saturday, July 25, 2015

Paley at the Creationism Museum

Not William Paley who might have approved, but Nina Paley, who did not.  Ah, that's too harsh.  She very much approved of the craftsmanship:
Paley is very open minded about sharing content and I have already included a link, but let me point out that the image below has been shrunk.  To see it full size, follow the link.
"Like the rest of the Creation Museum, this quilt was good looking and well made. That the content is batshit makes you appreciate the craftsmanship all the more."

In her post, she frequently describes the workers are professionals who work for money and have likely made similarly weird and historically inaccurate stuff for Vegas.  A fair point.

As my reader knows, I also blog about creationism/ evolution and don't want to cross contaminate the two blogs.  I may write more about Paley's visit but at

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