Tuesday, August 29, 2017

TWIC: D&D, O'Connell, game the system, banksy in Korea

I want to play D & D again. I miss it. I was (am) too much of a snob to appreciate D&D themed books like those of R A Salvatore, but I do think the creativity that goes into planning a campaign or dungeon and the creativity of the players trying to survive is remarkable and at least an introduction to story telling. And, I have read a few books by Salvatore.
D&D Beyond offers a character-generator for free and some other cool for-pay offerings for players and DMs alike. Boingboing has a summary. In the comments of the B'Boing article, people recommended similar services from roll20.
CBC interview of Grace O'Connell Eight other Canadian authors each asked her a question. Here is
one of them:
3. Vivek Shraya asks, "Who is a Canadian writer you aspire to write like and why?"
There are so many! Lisa Moore for gorgeous sentences and emotional depth, Timothy Findley for amazing depictions of madness and grief, Alice Munro for building worlds within paragraphs. Kathleen Winter for deep empathy and unexpected beauty. Robertson Davies for dry humour and totally unexpected, wild plots. Margaret Atwood for perfect similes and deeply human characters. Brian Francis for huge range and a keen emotional understanding of people. I'm sure I'm forgetting favourites, but that's what springs to mind today.

A Handbook for Mortals: did it buy its way into the New York Bestsellers list? And more on the subject.

Exhibit in Seoul of Banksy works. I plan to visit this Friday or Saturday. Exhibit ends Sept 10.

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