Tuesday, August 22, 2017

TWIC: The fall of the house of Simpsons, library love

I was in my early twenties when the Simpsons started and it was nearly the best thing on TV. When I can, I still watch it but somehow it is not as good. It seemed to me that the writers had used up every single joke possible for a ten year old boy - as Bart has been now for 28 years. This video goes into loving detail about how the first eight seasons were magic and the following ones worse and worse. The explanation for how it failed is clear and has links to many episodes so it feels well researched but I had always just thought the show ran out of ways to fill 22 minutes and instead made three seven minute stories that often had no connection to each other. I always enjoy the Treehouse of Terror episodes which follow this format but it doesn't work as a routine thing.
Canadian Author Melanie Mah loves to write in libraries. I sure don't blame her. ... Hmm. The interview only shows she writes in libraries, not that she loves it. I mean, she probably does, but now I have to worry about fact-checking at the CBC!
I write in a library. I am what some might call temperamental about temperature. So I usually don't wear skirts or sleeveless tops to the library. In my giant library bag, I'm usually carrying a couple of sweaters. Discomfort distracts me. I need to be comfortable while writing, so I don't wear anything tight or scratchy or anything that rides up too much with wear. Turns out, I'm temperamental about lots of things…

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