Monday, June 2, 2014

Extra details and a book review contest

I worked at a wildlife centre last year and Hallowe'en was a fairly big event for us.  First, Hallowe'en is always fun and second, that's around the last time of year that digging in the marsh can reliably be fun for kids.
Our Marsh Monster event had patrons being led through the marsh to various locations where volunteers and staff would tell part of a story.  In 2013, participants went to a mad scientist who told them about a strange illness affecting the inhabitants.  I was at the third station and before I had even learned what I would be or do, I announced that I would be a ninja.  The organizers humoured me and my frog part became a ninja-frog part.

I really think the extra dimension gave the frog character.  In addition to speaking gruffly, then smoothly then coughing and telling the visitors that I had had a human in my throat, I swung a wooden sword and displayed some of the moves I had learned in a Korean martial arts class.

The mad scientist also adopted the quirk of eating carrots while he spoke.  He was a little sick of them at the end, having eaten a full bag in the evening but his character was more memorable.

All this to explain why the image below is so wonderful. (from)
Other images at that link are similarly weird.
Kottke and Boingboing both offer this tutorial on visual comedy.

Write an essay/ review of some translated Korean literature and be eligible to win a prize! See here and on Facebook.
* Eligibility: Open to all foreigners residing in and outside of Korea

* How to Enter
1) Read the book :-)
2) Post your review in English on the book's Amazon page (Limited to 500 words)
3) Fill the application form on the LTI Korea's facebook page

* Prizes
1) Grand Prize (1 person): $500 Gift Card or equivalent
2) First Prize (3 persons): $100 Gift Card or equivalent(Each)
3) Second Prize (5 persons): $50 Gift Card or equivalent(Each)

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