Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Today, I wrote around 1900 words for InNoWriMo and managed some carving at the Wye Marsh Woodcarving club.  I found something interesting and similar about my two my projects.

I was a coward.

For the writing, I have what I think is a good premise and plot points but still need to write the actual plot.  That might not be clear: I needed a mentor to be killed, then one of the students before the group digs in to fight back.  I'm having great trouble deciding how to kill the student and have mostly been writing background and exposition, rather than getting into the emotionally charged material.  I am ahead of schedule to make 50,000 words by months' end but it won't be a complete story, or, at best, it'll have a very rushed ending.  I guess what I'm saying is I'm writing about the easy stuff - how or why I think some parts are easier than others is worthy of another blog post - and waiting to do the hard stuff later.  Well, I'm running out of later and it may be that I've filled my story with boring stuff.

For the carving, almost the same thing.  First, have a look:

I can see big differences although perhaps someone who isn't actually working on the piece cannot.  The places where I am working do need the work, but are also the easy places.  I am concerned about how to do the face and paws and when I sat down to carve, I meant to work on the hind paws at least.  Instead, I thinned various sections, especially the neck.  It's work that needs to be done but isn't difficult.  I must admit, I do like the tail though and that didn't feel easy.

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