Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 20 productivity report

Today's goals (written 11:00am):
One hour of woodcarving - this might be a challenge because, at home, I carve in the garage which is not heated.
2100 words for InNoWriMo
Five PM, I am now at 2,200 words for the day.  I am concerned that I worked on three points in the story and in two points, I mostly wrote about relationships and the connections my characters have.  In the third, I advanced the plot, but again, not as much as I want.  There are several points coming up were I need more tension, excitement and creativity and I am mostly nibbling around the edges, preparing the field for violence and excitement, but not what that will actually entail.  A group of young psychics, only partially trained but free of ancient preconceptions and biases and beliefs need to defeat a larger group of well-trained but set in their ways psychopathic psychics.  I wonder how they will do that.

A small flash of insight at ten PM:  a main character does a terrible thing and his friends are angry with him but accept his pretty horrible actions quickly - I think they accept them so quickly because it was easier for a lazy writer but now I also think he was partially forgiven because another character has forced them all into strange new tasks and his goals aren't precisely theirs -they're doing strange things and able to spread at least some of the blame to this other character.
I hope that wasn't too cryptic.  Perhaps if and when this story is done, I will explain it better.  This blog is about recording my creative output so I felt I needed a note even if my reader(s?) don't so much.

I didn't do much wood carving today, just enough to retain my feel for it.  I find that when I step away from carving for a few days, the gouges feel strange in my hands and I really have to study the pictures to decide what my next moves will be. When I keep up the habit for a few days running, I can start as soon as the tools and workpiece are in my hands.  Here is a picture of the sculptor at work:

I am sitting on the stairs in the garage.  My eyes are becoming far-sighted so my glasses are beside me.  The lighting is from a bad angle so I am wearing a headlight.  The pictures I use as models are sitting on top of a garbage can lid.  The garage is cold so I am wearing slippers and a cardigan.  I don't know why everyone doesn't want to take up a cool hobby like wood carving.


Unknown said...

Why the garage, may I ask?

Surprises Aplenty said...

Have you forgotten about the prevalence of carpets on this side of the world? The garage is the easiest place to clean up afterwards. The only places not carpeted here - my mother's house - are the bathrooms and the (small) kitchen. I've wondered about putting a tarp on the carpet.