Monday, November 25, 2013

November 24 productivity report

This is a big day for my InNoWriMo story.  I need to produce a lot of words.  Yet,the first thing I did this morning was delete 400 words, the second thing I did was read this:
Bonus Pep Talk from Tai Reichle"Don't go down the darker path, Wrimos. Every word you delete, every font you change, and every link you click will bring you closer to my hopeless state. Even when devoid of inspiration, keep writing seemingly dumb, uninspired words until November's up. Then read them, and you may discover that they're more inspired than you originally thought."
I never know when I copy hyperlinked text if the link will work.  Here it is again.

My original plan involved one character being killed and then another but the way I'd written it last night, the two were going to go together.  The level of violence seemed to ramp up too quickly.  Well, now today needs to include 400 more words.

2:00 PM I'd planned to drive to Barrie and meet other writers but we've had unpleasant weather for the past thirty hours.  And if we have unpleasant weather, Barrie is experiencing fimbulvinter.  Don't worry too much about them, they get through fimbulvinter several times a month in the winter.  So, I'm staying home and possibly going to a Tim Horton's for a change in writing space.
Late evening: Finished the day with 1680 words to the good - just over 2000 total.

No carving.

Itchy mustache.

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