Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 21

7:30 - InNoWriMo goal: 2000 words
      Carving - understand what the cheetah shoulder should look like, thin out shins and fore-legs.
      Movember - condition the 'stache! - ah, I really don't use conditioner much, but am still trying to soften the mustache.
2:00PM, Just finished 1700 words and it's time to carve.

I don't think I've mentioned this already on the blog but my story narrative grammar sucks!  Wait, I did write about the grammar rules for dialog.  Well, that was just one example.  Having been a blogger for nearly ten years, I felt that my writing skills were better than they are.  Also, I hadn't realized how many times I would write 'teh' in a day.

5:10 PM, 2100 words today.  Still spinning my wheels a little. I need to fit in a lot more excitement than currently exists.

Oh, and the carving went well although the time was short.  The legs are looking good although I still don't have a feel for the head or body- the body especially feels too square.

Neat links - maybe needed to encourage Nano people struggling to finish.

Be friends with failure - a lesson I've heard countless times but still be to be reminded of every few, ...months? ...hours?
Mother and daughter work together on paintings.  I'm seeing a lot of beaver tails so perhaps this is a Canadian duo.  The above link is an article about the collaboration.  Here is the duo's blog.

Scott Adams considers how to manage creativity:
Find the Dilbert's explanation for his creativity crisis here.

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