Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19th update- no internet at home!

The Horror, the Horror!

I had just gotten caught up to the minimum number of words per day to complete InNoWriMo when a few small things happened to take me away from the story.  When I got back, I was unable to post anything here.  As of last night, I was a little ahead of the count and we will see what today results in.

I think what I had been typing before was necessary and interesting - to me, at least - but now I've used all the 'slack' in the story.  Now, each event needs to be more planned and choreographed; I am having trouble just sitting and typing.  For example, yesterday, two members of a psychic mafia were arranging to meet.  One had left the family with a priceless tool and the family wanted it back and possibly to kill the him.  He had to follow espionage tactics to arrange a safe meeting.  I think my solution worked but it depended on the premise that the two men meeting had been friends for a long time so the subterfuges might not have been heavily tested or needed.  There will be more of this and I my words per hour have dropped greatly.

Today, i should also get back to carving.  I need this cheetah done for Christmas, or, in fact, December 18, before we fly out to spend Christmas with my sister.  I have a little more time for it, but it is of far greater value at home than the writing contest.

My mustache looks great!  Well, it is noticeable, I think.  And it has softened enough to stop itching.

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