Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11th Productivity report

Yesterday was my toughest writing day yet.  My story deals with a group of ordinary young adults whose lives are turned upside down by fantastic events.  I started by writing about their normal, mostly carefree existence and that wasn't as easy as you might think but I now need to write about some dangerous people and their desperate existence and their motivations for their actions.  I had left quite a plothole, motivation-wise, and am am trying to fill it.  But, it can't just be superficial, this is an important part of the story.

Around ten thousand words were thinly disguised accounts of my youth.  The disguising was the toughest part.  Now, I have to make some strange behavior seem reasonable.

Part of the problem is the episodic nature of my writing.  Yesterday, I wrote that I liked to jump around in the story, filling in part here and there as I saw fit, but now, I need continuity and to remember previous points.  Time to read what I have written.

I have also opened a few browser windows on 'grammar and punctuation for quoted dialog'.  Everything I have done this month on the subject has felt wrong and I have tried several styles -comma at end of quote but inside quotation marks, - outside of quotation marks - etc.  I will fix it in editing, but I'd like to not have to fix everything.

Oh, around 1,800 words yesterday and I am now slightly ahead of the InNoWriMo schedule.

No carving to report.

The mustache is pretty itchy.  Photo tomorrow.

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