Friday, November 8, 2013

November 8 evening productivity report

The mustache is growing in well, I guess, and I will post a pic tomorrow.

InNoWriMo numbers:
November 6:   1900
November 7:  2068
November 8:  1791 (as of 4:30pm, there's time for more)

I have been going comfortably, though without really brilliant dialog or action but in the first few days I fell behind a little.  I am currently at 12, 999 and should be at 13, 336 to be on track at the end of the day.

I managed very little carving the past few days but may get some big things done tonight.  Expect a pic of that too, tomorrow.

One thing that had me a little busy was a creationist seminar I attended last night.  I had expected it to be about the origin of languages but that topic had been dropped and the talk was about snowflakes, dragons as dinosaurs and evidence of design.  I recognized a whole lot of quote mining and half-truths, but not much new.  I didn't speak up during or after the meeting and I feel bad about that.

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